The Skaven Blood Bowl players are done and just waiting for the varnish to dry, so it's time to start the next project: reworking another Ultramarines squad. This time, it's my Devastators, and from the picture above, you can see what I will change. The three grey models in the back are new additions, one model will get new legs, the kneeling Mk6 legs will get a proper Mk6 upper body, one model will get a modern style missile ammo backpack, all models will be upgraded to 32mm bases and I'll also refine the highlights of all older paint jobs.  I think I'll also change the weapon loadout for the Sergeant, as you in 8th Edition you no longer need to forfeit his shooting for using the Signum. Let's do this!

Hey all, so excited to finally get my hands on the new 8th edition Dark Imperium set and all those lovely new models. Today I thought I'd show the beginnings of a pair of Death Guards in which I'm trying out a scheme.

I'm trying something that I have been thinking about for while in that I sort of want to replicate a similar scheme as what I did when I painted the Blight Kings. Not certain how it's going to turn out, but will be interesting and a lot of fun. So far I have just mapped out a basic tone to the models, given a oil wash and some basic highlights. Hopefully when back from holidays I can get these two models finished rather swiftly.

As for the new release of Dark Imperium I am loving it. It's just so nice and refreshing to have a restart to the game of 40K that I can grasp fairly quickly and get playing. I have had about 5 games with my wife and really like it. It's very cool and the models are gorgeous. I'm really hoping that GW will release more Death Guard models as I would buy them in a heart beat. What do you all think of the new release?

Hey there everyone! I'm really excited to be sharing this with all of you. Here we have my 750 point army for a Lord of the Rings tournament I participated in not long ago. It includes the Three Hunters and the Warriors of the Dead! I was going with a list that reflected on what I enjoyed in the Return of the King so this army may not have been as competitive as it could have been. With a lower model count I knew I could finish painting this army in record time. In saying that this is my first completed army across all of Games Workshop's three playing systems so I'm very proud.

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