Hullo. :) Just a quick one from me today - it's a WIP shot of the first two Rooster Riders I'm working on. These are from a Kickstarter I backed last year. Now I got a coop's worth of these chaps lying around (plus some Halfling militia on foot) for all kinds of Fantasy goodness. The riders are pretty big compared to most other Halflings, but that's okay. It takes the stronges and boldest of Halflings to ride these beasts into battle!

Hi all! So here is another Legio Custodes model. It's a Foot Knight Squad Leader I converted from the Stormcast Eternals Knight Questor from the Silver Tower box set. Arms and head come from the Custodes sprues. The armour piece in the back of the head is a shoulder pad from the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard.

Now I have a question: Shall I complete the squad by either converting more Stormcast Eternals models in the same way, or should I use the ordinary Custodes models? Help me out and leave a comment in the comment section below...

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